Want to make 2016 healthier? Turn it into a family affair

If you’re looking at making your life healthier for 2014, one way to make that happen is to have others around you adopt the same idea.
Healthier eating, exercise and even taking in more water each day should be family goals. If you’re a mom going for a walk, ask the kids to join along. Dad, look through the upcoming walks and runs in the Valley and sign up for one with your children. Even grandma and grandpa can join in the fun.
Healthy eating starts at the dinner table. One simple addition is water – more of it. Everyone at the table should add a glass of water to the meal.
Make it a challenge: Try a new vegetable each week. Or allow everyone to pick out one fun activity a month to do together (ice skating, anyone?). Make it a habit to do choose one “healthy” step a week to add to your family’s daily living.
Check out more ideas from the American Academy of Pediatrics here.
Here’s to a healthy 2016 for the entire family!

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