Want to keep your home healthy? Try essential oils

We know you’re serious about your health. But did you know there are toxic chemicals in your home cleaning supplies that could put your health at risk? Essential oils provide a natural health advantage for your fitness plan, especially because of its antioxidant properties. But they can also be part of a natural “green” cleaning routine for your home, helping you keep harmful cleaning products out of your home. Essential oils, according to doTerra, “are natural aromatic compounds in plants” and have been in use for centuries. They can be used to kill mold and bacteria in a safe, nontoxic way, according to several studies.

Real Simple Magazine suggests a number of ways to use different essential oils, from tea-tree, lavender and eucalyptus oil to orange and lemon. Mixed with vinegar or water, or even just used straight in small portions, the magazine suggests how to mix the oils to use them in cleaning window, scuffed floors and more. Give some of these ideas a try.

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