Make exercise count: Hit the water

If the recent warming trend has you longing to hit the pool, we’ve got a few more reasons. Exercising in the water isn’t limited to swimming (though that’s a fantastic workout).

Water exercises can burn tons of calories, provide more range of motion for muscles, and may be less compacting on joints. A look at Harvard Medical School’s calorie-tracking website shows that a 155-pound person can burn about 149 calories in a 30-minute water aerobic workout. While not as much as swimming  (at 223 calories burned in 30-minutes), water aerobics is still a great exercise to add to your weekly routine. That’s especially true when the pool is right in your backyard.

So how do you get started? Dive in!

Fitness Magazine provides a great 20 minute workout that includes jogging, bicycling and crunches – all in a pool. According to the writer, this workout to “sculpt your legs and core.”

Another workout on the Fitness Magazine site is to tone the body. The great thing about this article? It provides photos to show you how to do the different exercises.

Several YouTube videos with water workouts can be found online, as well. Besides health benefits, a recent article on the Harvard Medical School website discusses the mental benefits of exercise, including memory retention.

Want to find other ways to burn calories? Check out Harvard’s calorie-burn activities list. Calories burned in 30 minutes of leisure and routine activities – Harvard Health Publications

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  1. All! Exercise releases edepoihrnns into your body which actually put you in a better mood. Exercise helps your body make better use of using fat as energy. And finally, doing more or better than you did last time will help you build self esteem. Martial arts and dancing, as you mentioned, may be even better in building self esteem because you’ll actually be learning a new skill that the majority of the population does not know.The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and then put your all into it every single time. Don’t focus on anything else when you do it and try to better yourself every single time.

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