Hit the trail with your own mix

Going for a hike? Need a healthy snack?

If your first thought is to grab store-bought trail mix, we found a recent article from Fooducate might make you think twice because of all on the unnecessary sugar in it. So we really like their suggestion: Make your own.

Fooducate offered a suggested list of items to choose from, with nuts and seeds topping the list and dried fruit and cocoa nibs used to add a touch of sweetness.

The hint? When you make it yourself, use protein as the No. 1 ingredient and go sparse with the sweetness. It’s healthier. You also may find it more cost effective when you make it yourself!

Here are ones we’d like to try making, listed with the largest ingredient first (play with the portions to find your favorite).

Almond delight



Sunflower Seeds

Cocoa nibs

Summer flavor


Sunflower seeds


Dried blueberries

Winter’s coming



Pumpkin seeds (we’d roast these)

Dried cranberries (just a few!)

Enjoy! Let us know what works for you.

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