Hiking Arizona’s Natural Beauty

The cooler weather really brings out the best in us. Now is the time to get out and explore our state. Hiking is one way  to do both. There  is an array of hikes from easy (someone just starting out) to advanced overnight hikes (for the experienced), all with breathtaking beauty.

Local hiking clubs can take the guess work out of getting started. They make it easier to get out,exercise  and enjoy the event with others. Check out www.azhikers.org or www.friendshiking.com. Being prepared can the most important ingredient to a great time. No one plans to have a mishap but they happen from time to time no matter how careful you are, SO be sure to take necessary items like WATER, phone or means to contact someone regarding your location, and be sure that you have let others know where you are hiking and the paths you are taking in the event of a rescue. Playing it smart should be rule number #1. Oh don’t forget some snacks and perhaps a small camera to capture the beauty surrounding you.

There are many books listing hikes throughout the state. Review the descriptions and listing. Hiking Arizona  published by Falcon Guides has a complete list of hiking times, difficulty, seasons, elevation changes, distance and trail surfaces. A few essential items like proper clothing and hiking boots will add to a good time for everyone.  Most of all ENJOY!!

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