#1 Factor to Weight Loss is Diet

We all know it and yet it doesn’t make it any easier. Diet will make up 80 % of your success in weight loss. So why is it so hard then? We already know how to get there – our diet. I think we get sidetracked by the little or hidden items, such as the salad dressings, the condiments we add to our foods, the drinks we consume.

Everyone seems to have their theory on what works. I have found personally that it’s eating smaller meals on a more frequent basis. A slight reduction in calories and increase in activity. Personally I would rather work harder and eat, then slash calories and not exercise to reach the goal. Too often you hear of ladies consuming 1200 calories a day and can’t figure out why they can’t lose the weight. By doing it that way you put your body in a starvation mode and it will hold onto the calories rather then burning them.

Weight loss can be a unique experience with many factors at play.  Finding a qualified health coach to help create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that works for you can be the key to lasting weight loss.

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